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Mirror Decal - Yes, friend!

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Look into the mirror and I’ll tell you what you see: Yet another reason to carry on fabulously! Don’t doubt your appearance for a second with this affirming mirror decal there to boost your confidence with every glance. Whether you’re executing a post-bath skincare routine, applying makeup or washing your hands for 20 seconds or more, this vinyl mirror decal is sure to catch your eye and lift your spirits. Trust me, you look great!

  • Vinyl mirror decal
  • Self-adhering
  • Application and removal instructions included

This is a semi-permanent mirror decal, so once it’s applied it can’t be reapplied somewhere else. But don’t worry, it is removable (instructions included).

Positive affirmation white mirror decal without air bubbles on white bathroom mirror. Decal for daily positive affirmation. Mirror affirmation decal placed on modern white mirror for bathroom. White mirror for bathroom has a tray for skincare products.

Mirror Decal - Yes, friend!


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